Whip Exclusives

Coming soon!  As a small preview of some of the content that will be available, please see below!

Mingle and Jingle Party
Join WHIP PRODUCTIONS for the Holiday Party of the Year
Hosted by: Bradley Cooper
Friday, December 4, 2020

Time: TBD
Location: Private Location in Naples FL

  1. Attendees will be given party address one month in advance. The location will not be made public, until after the party.
  2. Limited seating so lock-in your tickets now!
  3. Price $12,500. per couple
  4. Purchasers must provide legal names and dates of birth for both attendees. They must also provide a cell phone and email address for receiving additional details.

This Too, Shall Pass!
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, WHIP Productions is curating celebrity donor experiences. All "This Too Shall Pass Experiences" will take place in the Spring of 2021.

Catch a Pass From Deshaun Watson!

Package Inclusions:

  1. A special day on the field in Houston, Texas in the Spring of 2021, after Super Bowl is completed.
  2. Attendess will be notified, via email, of the exact date, time and location for this super fun experience.
  3. Two attendees may gain entry onto the field.
  4. One attendee catches a pass from Deshaun Watson and the moment will be captured on a photograph.
  5. The photo of this “pass” will be signed by Deshaun Watson and personalized for the guest.
  6. Price per package - 2 attendees and 1 person to throw pass is $3,000.
  7. I need following information on each sale: email that the attendee will check and cell phone number they will use on the day of the experience.
  8. Also need legal names and dates of birth for both attendees.

Coming soon: John McEnroe Wimbledon Experience


Terms & Conditions: Purchaser/Donor understands and acknowledges that the purchase/donation of the experience is non-refundable and Whip Fundraising aka Whip Productions shall not be required to refund the purchase price/donation amount under any circumstances, including by force majeure.  The experience is non-transferable and shall be used only by the purchaser and their specified guest. Purchaser/Donor understands and acknowledges that The This Too Shall Pass, Deshaun Watson Experience and their attendance at this event is a one-of-a-kind experience and as such, WHIP cannot make any guarantees as to the Purchasers/Donors unique experience, enjoyment and satisfaction.  Nothing herein shall constitute an obligation of Whip to refund any of the Purchase Price/Donation Amount to Purchaser/Donor, regardless of the experience which Purchaser/Donor may have. Much like the stock market, ticket prices in the secondary market are dictated by the laws of supply and demand.  Also, it must be noted that many tickets have substantial fees associated with them due to the venue's added charges.  Hospitality seat licenses and season boxes charges can sometimes reach many times the face value of the tickets.  Ticket purchases in the form of a charitable donation are non-refundable, as the charity takes in a portion of the sale.  All of this equates into your costs. Whip Fundraising (Whip Productions) and its affiliate, American Pastime are not affiliated with Ticketmaster, any box office, or any venue.  All sales are in US Dollars.  Whip Fundraising (American Pastime) buys and sells tickets in the secondary market.   We will never charge you more than you have authorized. The price you paid at the time of checkout on your order is what you agreed to pay per the terms and conditions of our agreement. This experience package is valid for The This Too Shall Pass, Deshaun Watson that is designated above in your activation. If you wish to extend this package to the following year, you must do so prior to confirming your attendance for the valid year and doing so no later than seven (7) days after event date and location has been emailed to you, 2021. Once you have confirmed attendance, the tickets will be issued into your name and are non-changeable and non-transferrable. Both attendees must be present to claim the tickets.